Must convert more powerful numbers to meet Industry 4.0 Revolution

                              The speakers attending the seminar were organized by VDCA – Photo: Thien Ha

According to Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (TTTT) Nguyen Minh Hong, Industry Revolution 4.0 is the driving force for the development of digital technology, applied to business and production activities of enterprises.

On August 31, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Digital Media Association (VDCA) held a seminar with the theme of Digital Technology, Digital Transformation during the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

At the talk, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, President of CDCA said that Vietnam is deeply integrating into the world economy by participating in many free trade agreements (FTAs) such as CPTPP, FTA with EU, Union Asia – Europe economy … The use of industry 4.0 in the production and business process will give businesses many opportunities and challenges.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong said that the Ministry of Information and Communications has set a target and quantified the digital conversion which will contribute 20-30% to GDP. State units, businesses, research institutes, and training institutions will be the ones that need the most powerful number conversion.

However, there are still regulations on state management that have not created favorable conditions, sometimes creating barriers to digital technology development and domestic transformation. The MIC is trying to abandon policies that create “reverse sponsorship”, which keeps enterprises from providing cross-border digital content unrestricted, while domestic enterprises face difficulties.

In addition to the mechanism issue, according to speakers from VCCI, Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association, enterprises need to actively develop digital technology and digital transformation to keep up with the current trend.

For example, Vinfast, though not yet active, has actively applied the most advanced technology, importing 1,200 robots to use in its car production line.

At the seminar VDCA also introduced Vietnam Digital Technology Awards – Vietnam Digital Awards 2018 (VDA 2018). VDA 2018 is the annual award of VDCA to honor and award awards to outstanding units and individuals, contributing to promoting the digital transformation and economic development in Vietnam. 2018 is the first year of the Vietnam Digital Technology Award. The prize includes 2 major categories given to 2 groups.

Item 1: Typical digital products and services to search for and honor units and individuals operating in the field of ICT with typical digital products and services directed to the prize solve problems, practical needs of life.

Item 2: Excellent digital technology application to search and honor units operating in many fields with a strong digital transformation process from traditional models to working and business environments based on platforms digital technology.

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