The Vietnam Digital Technology Award 2018 was first organized

On June 29, 2018, Vietnam Digital Media Association launched the Vietnam Digital Technology award and voting program.

Vietnam Digital Awards – Vietnam Digital Awards is an annual award of Vietnam Digital Media Association (VDCA) to honor and award awards for outstanding units and individuals to contribute to promoting the transfer. Digital change and economic development in Vietnam.

2018 is the first year of the Vietnam Digital Technology Award. The prize includes 2 major categories given to 2 groups.

Launching ceremony of Vietnam Digital Awards – Vietnam Digital Awards 2018

Item 1: Typical digital products and services to search for and honor units and individuals operating in the field of ICT with typical digital products and services directed to the prize solve problems, practical needs of life.

Item 2: Excellent digital technology application to search and honor units operating in many fields with a strong digital transformation process from traditional models to working and business environments based on platforms digital technology.

According to the organizers, the criteria for evaluating and evaluating awards are based on the performance and business results of the units, the features and the actual effectiveness of products and services.

The Vietnam Digital Technology Award awarding and awarding program will be held from 6/2018. The awards ceremony is scheduled to be held in November 2018 and will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television.

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